Qiumin Tan


My research revolves around the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders. We are particularly interested in the development and maintenance of the hippocampus, because it is a key structure implicated in several hallmarks of neurodevelopmental disorders such as intellectual disability, learning difficulties, and epilepsy. We study the early postnatal development of the hippocampus, as this will clue us in on the physiological processes disturbed in neurodevelopmental disorders and reveal therapeutic entry points for pediatric patients. We also focus on the continuous development/maintenance of the adult hippocampus, due to its exceptional plasticity and unique ability to generate new neurons throughout adulthood. These features make the hippocampus an attractive therapeutic target for adult patients affected by neurodevelopmental disorders. By understanding the early postnatal and adult development of the hippocampus, we may extend the therapeutic window for patients with neurodevelopmental disorders and bring lifelong benefits to them.