Better data, better research

Our data coordinating centre delivers world-class clinical research data, methods and analytics support services to WCHRI members and our partner networks (CHILD-BRIGHT Network, POPCORN and MICYRN).

Our team offers expertise in a range of areas to support researchers: REDCap project build (surveys, RCTs, registries, regulatory studies), data management, clinical trial design and statistics.

Our data collection software and data management services meet the highest industry standards and comply with applicable privacy legislation and Health Canada requirements.

Services available

  • Statistical guidance during initial study design, including: sample size, power calculations, and/or development of randomization schedules
  • Data management planning
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of clinical data management systems (e.g. REDCap)
  • Data quality control (data validation and query management)
  • Data coding
  • Data analysis, reporting and interpretation of results
  • Study progress reporting and data safety monitoring board (DSMB) support
  • Access to different technologies to help capture, analyze, report and visualize data

Consult with knowledgeable, experienced staff to obtain high-quality, statistically appropriate, verifiable data.

Additional information

For more information and to access any of our services, complete the research support request form.