WCHRI is collaborating with the Healthy Infants and Children’s Clinical Research Program (HICCUP) to develop a registry of healthy children and families in Alberta who are willing to take part in pediatric health studies.

Healthy participants play an important role in health research and the discovery of the causes and treatment of childhood illnesses. HICCUP provides the following:

  • Researchers and investigators with ready, systematic access to healthy controls for their studies.
  • Participants with a sense of pride in knowing that they have positively contributed to child and community health in Alberta.

Information for families

Families who are interested in volunteering are asked to complete a few simple steps:

  1. Fill out an enrollment form, which requests basic personal information, including name, date of birth, brief medical history and contact information. This information is kept strictly confidential and carefully protected.
  2. Provide informed consent to be part of the HICCUP program and willingness to be contacted by investigators for invitations to participate in specific studies. Participation in HICCUP does not obligate volunteers to participate in future studies.

Contact HICCUP for more information.