Maintain the momentum of your research project

WCHRI offers a twelve-month Bridge Grant Program for CIHR applications that have missed the funding cut-off. The Bridge Grant Program is intended to help sustain research momentum to support WCHRI members’ successful reapplication to the following CIHR competition.

Program re-structure and access to funding change

Effective April 2022, WCHRI bridge grant support will be accessible through participation in the WCHRI Grant Review Support Program.


All applications to WCHRI must align with our relevance criteria to be eligible for funding. 

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Application is solicited based on participation in the WCHRI Grant Review Support Program.
  • Applications considered for this opportunity must have been submitted to the most recent CIHR Project Grant Competition.
  • Be within the top 30% of the most recent CIHR Project Grant Competition, per CIHR Notice of Decision.
  • Provide CIHR scientific officer notes on the evidence committee discussion of the current application.
  • Provide documented financial need to evidence funding is required for the research project to maintain research momentum.
  • Not have held Bridge Grant Program funding from WCHRI within the last three years.
  • Be a WCHRI academic member for at least one year before the application, except new recruits with an academic appointment of less than one year at the time of application to WCHRI.

WCHRI will not consider Bridge Grant Program funding requests for applications that have been submitted four times (or more) to CIHR.

Grants are offered contingent upon the availability of funds. WCHRI determines funding allocation.

Application and deadlines

Application access is solicited directly by WCHRI.
Refer to the WCHRI Grant Review Support Program for participation Information.

For further information

Contact WCHRI’s research grants director, Michelle Bailleux.