Letters of support

WCHRI can provide letters of support to academic members who are leading grant applications. 

All requests must be made by a WCHRI academic member who is either the nominated principal investigator or a principal investigator on the application. Letters of support will be drafted by the academic member using a WCHRI letter of support template as a guideline.

Letters of support:

  • Highlight how WCHRI is able to support the proposal.
    • include substantive information about how the Principal Investigator intends to leverage WCHRI resources, networks, or platforms (should their application be successful).

Letters of support are offered where the funding source specifically indicates that no-cost letters of support are accepted. Effective 2024, WCHRI no longer provides letters of support for CIHR Project Grant applications. 

To request a letter of support, please contact WCHRI grants.

For information about writing effective letters of support please see CIHR Writing Letters of Support.