Supporting priority-driven research

WCHRI enables research that is aligned with our strategic priorities through strategic funding opportunities:

  • ENRICH is a national health research training platform that provides a series of training pathways and awards for learners to engage in advanced training in perinatal and child health research.
  • Letters of support may be available to academic members leading research grant applications as either nominated principal applicants or principal applicants. 
  • Partnership program provides an opportunity for our members to leverage WCHRI funds in partnership with external granting agencies and other sources of research funding.
  • Recruitment supports departments and faculties in recruiting the best researchers to the University of Alberta.
  • Trainee Researcher in Pediatrics (TRIP) aims to support the development of future pediatrician-scientists via targeted research mentorship, advocacy, support, and skill-building from the Core stage of training and beyond.

All researchers and/or partners who receive funding must properly acknowledge WCHRI and the support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and/or the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation in their research and public publications, websites, presentations, posters and reports.