Partnering to make an impact through research

Matched / partnership funding

The purpose of this program is to leverage WCHRI funds in partnerships to further the Institute’s strategic goals. All proposed initiatives must have the potential to deliver measurable and significant impacts on women and/or children’s health outcomes through research. Examples of partnership include applications where matching funding is a requirement of the external granting agency, and calls for rapid response.

All requests for matched / partnership funding must be made by a WCHRI academic member who is the recognized leader of the project/program. WCHRI has limited funds for partnership program requests.

If you have a proposal that is highly relevant to WCHRI’s stated objectives and demonstrates a funding model that includes matching/partnered funds, contact WCHRI’s program director, Tanya Voth.

Letters of support

WCHRI can provide letters of support to academic members who are submitting grant applications.

All requests must be made by a WCHRI academic member who has a leadership role within the application. Letters of support will be drafted by the academic member and must utilize the WCHRI support letter template as a guideline.

The draft letter should:

  • highlight WCHRI support for the proposal; and,
  • include substantive information about how the Principal Investigator intends to leverage WCHRI resources, networks, or platforms (should their application be successful).

To request a letter of support, please contact WCHRI grants.

For information about writing effective letters of support please see CIHR Writing Letters of Support.