To harness the power of research innovation for a healthy future for children and women.


WCHRI will foster the brightest minds to discover, innovate and ultimately transform the health of children and women through supporting research excellence.

Operating principles

We support our mission with the following operating principles (FACTTS):

  • Facilitate research activities, build capacity, catalyze research innovation and excellence.
  • Advocate for women and children’s health research platforms, programs and policy, in Alberta, across Canada and beyond.
  • Communicate research outcomes to stakeholders, patients, community and government.
  • Train the next generation of researchers.
  • Translate knowledge to support evidence-informed practice and policy.
  • Sustain operations through effective accountability reporting and stakeholder engagement.


  • Collaboration: WCHRI is based on a unique trans-disciplinary model that encompasses a broad range of medical and non-medical disciplines, each of which adds value to the innovative nature of research.
  • Integrity: WCHRI operates with full transparency following principles of fairness, mutual respect and trust among members, parties and clients.
  • Accountability: The financial resources will be managed efficiently, effectively and appropriately to achieve optimal benefits for stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: WCHRI members work together to solve questions relevant to the needs of the community and to advance the goal of improved health outcomes for women and children.
  • Excellence: WCHRI strives to achieve excellence in all its endeavors as a leader in conducting quality and meaningful women’s and children’s health research.
  • Community Focus: WCHRI operates to serve the needs of the community and aims to establish partnerships with health agencies and policy makers with the objective of achieving tangible results.