We couldn’t be more proud of our members. Many are achieving respected awards for their exceptional work, demonstrating their visionary leadership and commitment to research excellence. Open the accordions below to read the full listing of award recipients.

Tier 1 Canada Research Chairs are awarded to researchers that have been recognized by their peers as outstanding leaders in their fields.

Tier 2 Canada Research Chairs are awarded to excellent emerging researchers, who have been recognized by their peers as having potential to lead in their field.

Congratulations to the following WCHRI members who have received this prestigious honour:

ResearcherTierChairholder Title
Alexander, Robert Todd2Canada Research Chair in Epithelial Transport Physiology
Beaulieu, Christian1Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Micro-structure
Bhavsar, Amit2Canada Research Chair in Pattern Recognition Receptor Pathophysiology
Bourque, Stephane1Canada Research Chair in Developmental and Integrative Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Cao, Bo2Canada Research Chair in Computational Psychiatry
Cummine, Jacqueline R.2Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience in Literacy
Dyck, Jason1Canada Research Chair in Molecular Medicine
Elhenawy, Wael2Canada Research Chair in Microbiome Research
Estabrooks, Carole1Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Translation
Field, Catherine1Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Metabolism
Glover, Mark1Canada Research Chair in Structural Molecular Biology
Harper, Sherilee2Canada Research Chair in Climate Change and Health
Hartling, Lisa1Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Synthesis and Translation
Hyshka, Elaine2Canada Research Chair in Health Systems Innovation
Ioannou, Maria2Canada Research Chair in Brain Lipid Cell Biology
Jackson, Jesse C2Canada Research Chair in Neural Circuits
Jickling, Glen C2Canada Research Chair in Genomics and Genetics of Stroke
Kassiri, Zamaneh1Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular extracellular matrix
Marchant, David2
Montesanti, Stephanie2Canada Research Chair in Health System Integration
Pabayo, Roman2Canada Research Chair in Social Environment and Child Health
Pituskin, Edith2Canada Research Chair in Chronicity
Richard, Caroline2Canada Research Chair in Nutritional Immunology
Sharma, Sangita1Canada Research Chair in Population Health
Tan, Qiumin2Canada Research Chair in Molecular Genetics of Human Disease
Tsai, Sue2Canada Research Chair in Immunometabolism
Ussher, John2Canada Research Chair in Pharmacotherapy of Energy Metabolism in Obesity
Voronova, Anastassia2Canada Research Chair in Neural Stem Cell Biology
Updated January 2024


Election to a Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is one of the highest honours in the Canadian health sciences community. Individuals are chosen based on their substantial accomplishments in health sciences and ability to demonstrate leadership, distinctive competencies, creativity and commitment to developing and advancing academic health science.

Congratulations to the following WCHRI members who received this fellowship:

  • Jason Acker
  • Greta G. Cummings
  • Sandra Davidge
  • Jason Dyck
  • Carole Estabrooks
  • Catherine Field
  • Marek Michalak
  • Colleen Norris
  • David Olson
  • Gavin Oudit
  • Carla Prado
  • Kim Raine
  • Shannon Scott
  • Sangita Sharma
  • Sunita Vohra
  • Lori J. West
  • Toshi Yokota
  • Lonnie Zwaigenbaum

Updated September 2023

Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada are scholars that have been peer-elected as the best in their field. Winners are recognized as distinguished men and women who have made exceptional contributions to their area of work.

Congratulations to the following WCHRI members who have received this fellowship:

WCHRI memberResearch discipline
Sandra DavidgeMedical Sciences
Carole EstabrooksNursing and Public Health
Chris LeChemistry
Gary LopaschukMedical Sciences
Marek MichalakMedical Sciences
Lori WestCardiac Transplantation
Updated February 2023

The Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists is Canada’s first national system of multidisciplinary recognition for the emerging generation of Canadian intellectual leadership. Members of the College have demonstrated, at an early stage in their career, a high level of achievement.

Congratulations to the following WCHRI members who received this recognition:

  • Valerie Carson
  • Lisa Hartling
  • Zubia Mumtaz
  • Candace Nykiforuk
  • Carla Prado
  • Shannon Scott

Updated October 2023

WCHRI member Lori West, whose breakthrough research revolutionized organ transplants for infants, has been appointed as an officer of the Order of Canada, the highest level of the order.

Congratulations on this momentous achievement!

We’re proud to announce that the Stollery Children’s Hospital has been selected as a recipient of the INC Research “Clinical Research Site Award”! This award is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Loretta Fiorillo from the Department of Pediatrics, staff within the Pediatric CIU and Heather Rylance from the WCHRI clinical trials team.

This achievement is awarded in recognition of this group’s exceptional study enrolment rate, protocol adherence, data integrity and overall quality of work.

Congratulations to Loretta Fiorillo, Heather Rylance, and the rest of the team on this well-deserved honour!

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