November 3, 2023

Undergrad researchers advance nursing science while honing skills in surprising ways


Nursing student Alaa Fouli knows she has a “kinesthetic” learning style — which means she learns by doing — so she leapt at the chance to do hands-on research as part of her Honors undergraduate program at the University of Alberta.

She spent the summer interviewing older Muslim women about how Islamophobia affects their ability to feel at ease when they’re out walking in Edmonton’s neighbourhoods and streets.

As one of 13 winners of the 2023 Undergraduate Summer Student Research Award, Fouli had the opportunity to advance nursing science and build her research and clinical skills.

“I did gain research skills, especially in terms of interviewing,” Fouli says, “but having those very personal conversations with people reminded me of what’s important in nursing: talking to patients, listening well, being empathetic and answering in a supportive way.”

Fouli is one of three undergraduate Honors nursing students that Folio spoke to about their summer research projects, which focused on the way vulnerable people interact with the health-care system. The students talked about their scientific findings and their sometimes surprising personal takeaways.

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