Strategic Roadmap

WCHRI developed a five-year (2015-2020) strategic roadmap to focus our support for women's and children's health research for maximum impact. The roadmap was created after extensive consultation with our members, partners and funders, and builds upon our past successes. The plan focuses on four strategic areas:
Research-integrated hospitals and communities
  • Improve health outcomes for children and women through research embedded at the point of care.
Children's health and well-being
  • Identify effective treatments to address the unique health needs of children.
  • Improve our understanding of rare and complex childhood diseases.
Pregnancy and developmental trajectories
  • Optimize maternal and infant health outcomes.
  • Develop early intervention and prevention strategies to reduce the risk for lifelong chronic disease.
Lifelong women's health
  • Support research that addresses mechanisms related to the unique health needs of women.
  • Improve reproductive health outcomes.


The plan also lays out WCHRI’s five-year objectives, including:

  • enhancing research excellence and capacity by helping members to succeed in external funding competitions;
  • increasing the quantity and quality of clinical research projects at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Lois Hole Hospital for Women;
  • facilitating research into better medicines and treatments;
  • encouraging the participation of patients and health care practitioners in research;
  • supporting the development of hospital policies that are informed by research evidence; and,
  • optimizing accountability to ensure sustainable funding and operations. 

For further information

Check out this Prezi presentation for more information on WCHRI’s strategic roadmap.

View our progress report for more information on how we are doing in achieving our objectives.