Resident/Clinical Fellow Trainee Research Grants

New partnership to support Resident Research Program

Effective September 1, 2017, this program is now run through the Departments of Pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology with the support of WCHRI. Through this partnership, we will continue to offer a high value and impactful program for residents and fellows with an interest in health research.

WCHRI will continue to provide in-kind biostatistics and data management (REDCap) support for the department-led resident research grant program. For details regarding this in-kind service, please see the grant application and guidelines available through your department.

Current commitments from the existing program will be honoured, but no new applications will be accepted. Any resident grants that were submitted prior to September 1 will continue to be administered by WCHRI until their project end dates are reached.

WCHRI encourages those residents and fellows with an interest in research to participate in the Clinical/Community Research Integration Support Program (CRISP). Residents/fellows will need to work with a mentor or supervisor who is eligible to hold funding at the University of Alberta.

Residents/fellows are also encouraged to participate (with a mentor/supervisor) in other grant opportunities, which can be viewed on our Research Grants webpage.

For further information

For additional information regarding resident research education programs, contact your department: