Recent Projects

Research we have supported

One of the key ways that WCHRI supports research excellence is through competitive grant funding. Our competitive grant programs and partnership strategies facilitate the use of our resources in a way that maximizes impact and leverages funds from other partners and agencies.

Below are a few brief descriptions of some of the exciting, WCHRI supported research our academic and trainee members have carried out.

A ‘game-changer’ for cystic fibrosis patients

Clinical trials of a breakthrough treatment for cystic fibrosis are being carried out in Edmonton and pulmonologists Tamizan Kherani and Winnie Leung believe it could be life-altering for their patients.

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Pursuing the perfect Petri dish placenta

With funding from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and supporters of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Meghan Riddell’s work aims to grow a placenta that is properly oriented and represents the real thing.

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Classroom strategies to support mental health in early childhood

Wendy Hoglund and her team spent two years studying how home and classroom characteristics support vulnerable children’s self-regulation and social-emotional adjustment. As Hoglund continues to dive into this project’s data, a number of her undergraduate and graduate students are following up on her research.

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Exploring sexuality-related mental health issues in females

Neelam Punjani's graduate project looks at the relationship between sexuality, reproductive health and mental health issues among adolescent girls in Edmonton’s Pakistani-Canadian community.

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