Patient and community engagement

Engage patients and other stakeholders in research

Expanding the role of patients (or their primary caregivers) and encouraging active participation of stakeholders (health care professionals, community organizations, policy and/or decision makers) is becoming more important as funding agencies prioritize research that is relevant to the needs of the public.

By engaging patients and stakeholders as partners in research, we:

  • create potential for more relevant research;
  • support an ethical mandate to open and democratic research processes;
  • provide a foundation for higher rates of enrollment and retention; and,
  • improve translation of research results into practice and policy-making. 

Services available

  • Consultation to explore the possibility engaging patients or other non-academic stakeholders.
  • Facilitation of the process of engagement to ensure that the methodological, organizational and ethical principles of research are respected and applied.
  • Support of trainees through the PaCET (Patient and Community Engagement Training) Program.

Additional information

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