Aryana Donovan

Supervisor: Salima Meherali

Project: Developing strategies for positive youth development

“Through my work I have not only improved my skills in research, but I got to expand my knowledge on youth development and health—and have gained even more passion for the subject.”

I will conduct a systematic review to examine the existing scientific literature on a specific topic and synthesizes this information to provide evidence for research, policy or practice. This systematic review will explore research on interventions that target positive youth development such as after-school programs, sports teams and clubs. 

The point is to investigate their impact on the development of youth aged 10-25 years old, measured using the Positive Youth Development framework. This framework outlines qualities of positive youth development, like self-control, academic achievement, community engagement and perseverance. 

Ultimately, the goal of this systematic review is to determine whether the interventions that have been examined in previous studies actually do enhance outcomes among youth. If so, we want to be able to determine how these interventions enhance outcomes and what characteristics of the interventions make them successful.

 With these results, we hope to provide information for potential interventions and strategies for youth programs so that they may continue to positively impact youth development.

Aryana Donovan was supervised by Salima Meherali and her summer studentship was funded by the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Nursing Honors program.