Alaa Fouli

Supervisor: Jordana Salma

Project: How is Islamophobia affecting older Muslim women in Edmonton?

“I hope to be able to give these women a voice to make their collective experiences heard, so that their stories and the challenges they face can be known.”

It is a sunny summer day, and you decide to go out for a walk in your neighbourhood. As you step out of your house, you take a look around. You see other people looking happy and enjoying themselves. You know that you are safe. But what if you are not really safe?

I am a nursing student who is looking into what causes Muslim women to feel unsafe when they walk outside in their neighbourhoods. I especially want to know how Islamophobia has been affecting Muslim women who are 60 years and older. Islamophobia describes when a person has negative feelings towards Muslim people. Sometimes these negative feelings result in physical or verbal violence towards Muslims. Islamophobia makes many Muslims feel that they are not safe. Muslim women in particular can feel unsafe because the clothes they wear or the colour of their skin make them visible targets. 

I will interview older Muslim women to better understand their experiences of neighbourhood walking. I will also explore with them strategies that can help them feel and be safe in their neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

Alaa Fouli was supervised by Jordana Salma and her summer studentship was funded by the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.