September 20, 2022

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation announces the “Dale Sheard Centre for Solutions in Women’s Health”

EDMONTON, AB—The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, in collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the University of Alberta, are pleased to share the news of a new honourific naming in recognition of one of the hospital’s most impactful supporters: foundation Patron, Dale Sheard. Announced at this Saturday’s annual Harvest Celebration fundraising gala in support of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, the Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Research Centre will henceforth be known as the “Dale Sheard Centre for Solutions in Women’s Health” in acknowledgment and appreciation of Dale Sheard’s profound contributions.

“Despite her history of leadership and financial contributions to improve women’s health in our city and province, Dale herself has not yet been recognized inside the hospital space in any location. This was intentional, as Dale was adamant that the focus be on others—not herself,” said Sharlene Rutherford, President and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

“The time has come, however, to now recognize Dale for her years of advocacy and philanthropy in women’s health and the transformational change our city has seen in women’s health as a result,” Rutherford continued.

Read the full story on the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation website.