Lisa Hartling and Shannon Scott Making parents part of the healthcare solution

Lisa Hartling and Shannon Scott want parents more involved in their children’s healthcare.

Hartling is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and director of the Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence, while Scott is a professor in the Faculty of Nursing and Canada Research Chair for Knowledge Translation in Child Health. They are using their Distinguished Researcher funding to expand a program using innovative products such as whiteboard animation videos and interactive infographics.

These products combine stories of parents’ healthcare experiences and the latest research on their children’s illnesses, including how parents can help.

The researchers have worked with families of children suffering from acute illnesses that commonly present to the emergency department. They have also done work in the areas of chronic pain and asthma. With their funding, they will extend their work to other conditions and develop products that are sensitive to the needs of local minority groups.

Current research being conducted by our Distinguished Researchers