Lonnie Zwaigenbaum Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Chair in Autism

photo: William Au

Lonnie Zwaigenbaum is working on groundbreaking early detection and intervention tools to improve outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder

Zwaigenbaum, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics, director of the Autism Research Centre and Stollery Science Lab Distinguished Researcher, leads a multi-faceted research program emphasizing provincial, national and international leadership, community engagement, and opportunities for trainees.

He has developed a screening tool to detect autism spectrum disorder in children as young as six months old. His research focuses on identifying early behavioural and neurobiological features of autism and improving diagnosis and health care for autistic people.

In Zwaigenbaum’s role as Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Chair in Autism, he will continue to lead in developing autism research in Alberta and create and maintain a world-class autism research program. He is also committed to collaborative research across disciplines that will further establish effective links with community groups and with people with lived experience.

This endowed chair is supported by a generous contribution from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.