Pediatric Health Outcomes Research Program

The Pediatric Health Outcomes Research Program has been established in order to improve our understanding of the impact of changes in care delivery on children’s health outcomes. Resources are being made available by WCHRI and ACHRI to support the development of provincial partnerships that will answer questions with regard to the impact of system changes on child health. Ideally, these partnerships will position teams to apply for further funding focused on health care outcomes.

This program will provide teams with the following:

  • A single point of entry to receive feedback and guidance on pediatric-focused health outcomes projects
  • Access to project mentorship to support the development of high-quality and feasible project proposals
  • Facilitated access to health system data and analytics resources
  • In-kind support for  data access and analytics (valued up to ~$5000–$25,000 per project)

For details regarding eligibility, please refer to the Pediatric Health Outcomes Research Program intake form.

Proposals will be accepted in cycles throughout the year. For the first cycle of the program, we will be accepting project proposals up until June 15, 2021. Proposals may be submitted to WCHRI’s program director, Tanya Voth along with the program intake form.

This program is offered as a partnership between these organizations:

Watch: Pediatric Grand Rounds: Supporting pediatric health outcomes research (March 25, 2021 Zoom replay)