Ensure that your research studies have methodological rigour and will meet the standards set by peer-reviewed journals

High quality research requires the use of appropriate statistical principles and techniques to draw correct conclusions. This is particularly important for small study populations, as is often the case for pediatric research. Consult with WCHRI’s biostatisticians to ensure that statistical principles are included at the design stage, which will lead to reduced costs, shorter study time and clearer conclusions.

Services available

  • Identifying statistical methods best suited to answer specific research questions.
  • Calculating sample sizes and power.
  • Assisting with study design and protocol development.
  • Developing a statistical analysis plan.
  • Developing randomization schedules.
  • Analyzing data and interpreting results.
  • Setting up tables and graphs for presentations.
  • Reviewing statistical sections of funding applications and manuscripts.

Additional information

Access our SPSS software online tutorial.

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