Application relevance to WCHRI’s vision, mission and strategic plan

All applications to WCHRI must align with our vision, mission and strategic plan; as well as to our relevance criteria. Applications must be highly aligned with our relevance criteria in order to be eligible for funding.

To establish relevance, all applications must clearly address the following:

  • The research question must specifically target improving outcomes for women and/or children through health research.
  • The primary research question must address the unique and distinct health needs of women and/or children. For example:
    • Stating that a particular disease or risk factor is higher in women or in children is not sufficient rationale; the study must explore why prevalence is higher in women or children.
    • If a study is exploring sex/gender comparisons, the comparison must be embedded as the primary research question, not as a secondary outcome.
  • Methodology must clearly demonstrate direct applicability to women and/or children’s health outcomes. The applicant must provide rationale for their chosen research model, including factors such as sex and age.

The above items are some common considerations; alternative or additional factors may need to be included depending upon the proposed research.