Winnie Sia


My current research areas lie in 2 broad categories. The first area is in pregnancy, specifically with regards to thrombosis, preeclampsia and their diagnostic tests. Embolism and preeclampsia complications are the two leading direct causes of maternal mortality in developed countries. I have conducted research in post cesarean delivery deep vein thrombosis, urine protein as diagnostics in preeclampsia, as well as quality improvement study on essential diagnostics in preeclampsia. The second broad research area pertains to how medical complications in pregnancy affect the longterm health of women. Particularly, maternal complications such as preeclampsia, preterm delivery, and intrauterine growth restriction are independent predictors of cardiovascular and vascular diseases later in life. I have a vascular risk management clinic assessing postpartum women who developed preterm preeclampsia and have published research work on this clinic and topic.