Stephanie Montesanti


My research program applies multi-level interventions aimed at promoting population health and address health inequities. Specific areas of focus include the design and evaluation of culturally-strengthening community-led interventions to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among Indigenous populations in Canada and globally; domestic and family violence prevention; and transforming Primary Health Care (PHC) as a setting best suited to address the social determinants of health and promote health equity. My research engages with communities, health service providers and decision-makers, and patients to examine culturally-appropriate interventions at multiple levels and at different stages of the life course to promote positive health and mental health outcomes among Indigenous and other at-risk population groups. For instance, preconception interventions are a set of health promotion, educational, counselling and policy interventions that aim to identify and modify risks to women and men's health or pregnancy outcome. Additionally, I am examining mental health concerns in First Nation and Metis communities in the region of Wood Buffalo as risk factors during preconception.

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June 16, 2022

Recognizing family violence as a serious public health issue

This Edmonton project will measure readiness of Primary Care Networks to offer interventions and support.

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