Michael Khoury


My research interests centre upon promoting and optimizing the heart health of children, specifically those who are born with, or develop heart disease early in life. To do this, I have focused my interests upon studying cardiac rehabilitation, cholesterol disorders, and hypertension in the paediatric population. In a collaboration with the Computer Science Department and the University of Alberta, a remote exercise bicycle (called the MedBIKE) has been developed that is linked with a video-game and has telemedicine capabilities (meaning that we can supervise patients while they exercise from home). We have begun studying the MedBIKE in children who have been born with heart defects and intend to study it in children who have received heart transplants as well. Other research interests include optimizing the detection of inherited lipid disorders in children, coronary disease (cardiac allograft vasculopathy) in the pediatric heart transplant population, and the use of home blood pressure monitors in children.

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February 21, 2024

Happy hearts: Enhancing physical activity for kids with heart disease

February is Heart Month

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April 22, 2021

Innovative fitness program encourages kids with heart disease or transplants to train safely at home

U of A cardiologists, computing scientists team up to build video game-based MedBIKE fitness program for pediatric heart patients.

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