Meghan Riddell


1: Regulation of trophoblast lineage differentiation Trophoblasts are a placenta specific epithelial cell type. We aim to identify transcriptional networks controlling human trophoblast differentiation using in vitro models of trophoblast stem/progenitor cells and organoid culture systems. 2: Placental epithelial cell polarity: Mechanisms and role in placental dysfunction The human placenta contains a highly specialized epithelial cell, the syncytiotrophoblast (ST). This epithelium is unique for it is a single giant highly polarized cell. We are interested in understanding the groups of proteins that establish and maintain cell polarity in the ST and how loss of epithelial cell polarity may result in placental dysfunction. 3: Regulation of decidual angiogenesis: The decidua is a temporary tissue of pregnancy that facilitates embryo implantation and development. An essential aspect of decidual formation is the expansion of endometrial blood vessels (angiogenesis). Regulation of decidual angiogenesis has not be well characterized, thus in this project we will use in vitro models and cell-based transcriptomics to understand the mechanisms controlling decidual blood vessel expansion.

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