Lisa K Hornberger


For nearly 3 decades I have been involved in clinical, educational and research endeavors related to the fetal and newborn heart in health and disease. I have published over 170 peer-reviewed articles and co-authored textbooks focused on the early diagnosis, evolution, management and outcomes of fetal and newborn heart disease. Collaborating with other specialists, my research has spanned clinical patient-based, population, and health services initiatives and research involving animal models. My research has more recently expanded to understanding the impact of early adverse exposures, including diabetes and heart disease in the mother in pregnancy and preterm birth, on long-term heart and blood vessel health, the impact of socioeconomic status and remoteness of residence from specialty care on prenatal detection of heart defects and on outcomes of infants with heart defects, and heart development and function and its relationship to health of the placenta from the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

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July 11, 2022

Cardiovascular risks could start before birth for some babies

Researcher studying link between gestational diabetes in pregnancy and the long-term likelihood of heart disease

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