Joseph Ting


I have been actively conducting clinical research, with a focus on the following areas: (1) neonatal infections and antimicrobial stewardship; (2) neonatal hemodynamics and targeted neonatal echocardiography and (3) childhood outcomes of at-risk infants. Much of my research is conducted in the context of networking. I have been working with researchers from University of British Columbia, University of Alberta (Division of Infectious Diseases), and University of Toronto to develop various research projects. Over the next 5 years, my proposed research program will focus on the following projects: Using Antibiotics Wisely - Development of National Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-specific Antimicrobial Stewardship Plan; Health Care Outcomes in Early Childhood among at-risk Infants Born in British Columbia and The Study of Health Outcomes in Neonates Exposed to COVID-19.

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April 4, 2023

Using antibiotics wisely in the neonatal unit

Researcher Joseph Ting leads Canada-wide project to develop guidelines for treating premature babies with antibiotic drugs 

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