Fleur Huang


As a radiation oncologist with a busy gynecological and breast cancer practice, my research interests are inspired by my patients, and their journey through cancer and beyond. Through collaborative efforts that engage, from local students to international experts, we are advancing knowledge and practice in diverse areas like image-guided gynecological brachytherapy and tailored breast radiotherapy. Examples include querying the patient experience with patient-reported outcomes, improving understanding of first principles with radiobiological studies, as well as piloting predictive modeling using machine learning in cervical cancer brachytherapy. Beyond the study of treatments and outcomes, probing system-level factors in areas like multidisciplinary team-based palliative oncology service delivery, or complex multilevel treatment personalization, gives insight into barriers (and potential solutions) to achieving sustainable high-quality cancer care, for all populations. One unifying theme is to explore how the integration of technical and process innovations can reduce disparities in care access and health outcomes.