Edmond HM Lou


My research interest is in the application of electrical and computer engineering knowledge to develop, access and provide better treatment to children who have musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. The two major focuses are on children who have spinal deformities and CP with hip displacement. On the spinal deformity projects, I developed using ultrasound to access and monitor scoliosis. I also use ultrasound to assist brace design and to guide the insertion of pedicle screws during surgery. I have applied using 3D printing technology to build 3D printed braces to treat scoliosis. Wearable monitoring systems have been developed to assist brace treatment. I also employed artificial intelligence to develop prediction models to estimate the risk of progression on children with scoliosis. On the hip displacement project, I am working on a new approach by combining ultrasound and artificial intelligence to automatically monitoring the severity of the hip displacement. This can reduce ionizing radiation exposure to these children due to the hip displacement surveillance program. I have also developing a low-cost 3D portable ultrasound system for both projects.

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November 23, 2022

Researcher engineers portable ultrasound to detect scoliosis in teens

Adapted device uses AI to reconstruct 3D scans of the spine without the need for frequent X-rays.

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September 9, 2021

New ultrasound tool will make orthodontic imaging safer

PhD student’s project ‘a critical step’ toward prototype commercialization

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