Campbell, Patricia


My interests are in the development of HLA antibodies that develop when individuals are exposed to HLA proteins that are non-self. This can occur as a result of pregnancy, transfusion or transplantation. If multiple antibodies develop this can make it difficult to find a match if they need a transplant as the donor cant have any of the HLA proteins that the person needing the transplant has made antibodies to. Women often wait much longer for a match than men as they develop antibodies following pregnancy. I have been collaborating with the Canadian transplant programs to develop the Highly Sensitized registry that now allows people that are very difficult to match to get access to the national pool of kidney donors rather than restricted to their local program. In addition HLA proteins that are part of our cells a major part of our immune system are linked to certain diseases such as type 1 DM, celiac disease, narcolepsy and others. Testing a child for their HLA proteins is much less invasive than an endoscopy so we are collaborating with Dr Turner to evaluate whether doing HLA typing can reduce or eliminate the need for invasive procedures to diagnose celiac disease