Bukola Salami


My research program focuses on policies and practices shaping migrants' health. I am lead on the Health and Immigration Policies and Practices Research Program. I have been involved in about 60 funded research projects. I am the lead on 20 of these projects with funding from national and international agencies. I have led research projects on African immigrant child health, immigrant mental health, access to healthcare for immigrant children, Black youth mental health, international nurse migration, immigrant child mental health, the experiences of live-in caregivers and care recipients, the experiences of temporary foreign workers, internally displaced people, and parenting practices of African immigrants. I have over 70 published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals (with another 15 under review), 2 book chapters, and 8 reports. I am on the editorial board of Nursing Inquiry and Qualitative Health Research Journal.

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June 21, 2021

Transforming the lives of Black children in Canada

Bukola Salami believes race and racism have a huge impact on mental health in black and immigrant youth populations

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