Angela McBrien


I am a pediatric cardiologist, with an expertise in prenatal diagnosis and management of congenital heart diseaase. My primary research interest lies in the field of prenatal heart problems and prenatal non-cardiac conditions which can have an impact on the health of the cardiovascular system. I am very interested in learning more about the impact of congenital heart disease on the population, particularly in identifying the risk of heart problem in newborns, how good prenatal screening programs are in detecting these conditions and the psychological impact on parents whose baby has been diagnosed with heart problems. Through collaborations with colleagues in clinical genetics and maternal-fetal-medicine, I have developed research projects which explore the impact of modern genetic testing and detailed ultrasound assessment to clarify the risk of additional diagnoses and prognosis for fetuses with heart anomalies. By conducting research in these areas, I aim to better understand the development and evolution of congenital heart disease, from very early in pregnancy, and improve the health of babies born with these problems.