Membership in the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute is open to those who want to make a difference in women and/or children’s health through research, including academics, clinicians, trainees, health-care workers and members of government agencies and community organizations.

All membership applicants must be conducting research related to women and/or children’s health.

Please open and read the “Membership details” section below before applying. Click the (+) to open.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Networking: Opportunities to share knowledge, meet other researchers and form trans-disciplinary partnerships.
  • Research grants: Academic and in-training members are eligible to apply for competitive research funding.
  • Research catalysts: Partnership opportunities are available for strategic recruitment of top tier researchers. Letters of support are available to members, along with limited access to leveraged funding opportunities.
  • Research platforms: Expert, subsidized resources are available to help researchers with every aspect of their work through our research platforms including: clinical trials support, study management, data management, biostatistics, knowledge translation and qualitative research design.
  • Professional development: Regular workshops, Learning Sessions and an annual Research Day offer informative, topical presentations.

Membership is free, subject to WCHRI approval and falls under three categories:

  • Academic member — Full-time faculty appointees who are eligible to apply for and hold research funds at the U of A. Limitations accessing grant funding may apply for new members; refer to program specific guidelines for further information.
  • In-training member — Students registered in academic training programs (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, residency, postdoctoral fellowship) who are under the supervision of a WCHRI academic member.
  • Affiliated member — Clinical academic colleagues, research associates and/or staff, health-care workers, community members, stakeholders and partners, and academics whose primary appointment to U of A is adjunct professor.

An active academic or in-training WCHRI member is expected to do the following:

  • Acknowledge WCHRI and Foundation support on any WCHRI funded research presentations or publications.
  • List WCHRI affiliation in manuscripts submitted for publication.
  • List WCHRI membership on curricula vitae and biosketches.
  • Participate in WCHRI events including our annual Research Day.
  • Serve on grant review panels and other committees when invited.
  • Collaborate with other WCHRI members to build a sense of community.
  • Share research stories in WCHRI publications and communications (independent of having received direct funding).

Become a member

If you are an academic faculty member at the University of Alberta engaged in research in women and/or children’s health, please contact the WCHRI grants team to inquire about membership.