All academic members must provide a complete and current summary of their research program. The summary of research, which is posted on our website for our funders and to promote your research, must evidence direct alignment with our relevance criteria.  All members must present a summary of research that specifically: 

  • addresses the unique and distinct health needs of women and/or children. 
  • targets improving outcomes for women and/or children through health research.
  • clearly demonstrates direct applicability to women and/or children’s health outcomes. 
  • includes factors such as sex/gender and age.

Stating that a particular disease or risk factor is higher in women or in children is not sufficient rationale; the summary of research must include (exploring) why prevalence is higher in women or children.

If the focus of research explores sex/gender comparisons, the comparison must be embedded as the primary purpose of member’s summary of  research.

Alternative or additional factors may need to be included depending upon the proposed summary of  research. Refer to this example as a suitable summary of research.

Additional information on relevance to WCHRI is available in our relevance criteria page.