Machine learning

Perform cutting edge machine learning experiments

Machine learning is more relevant than ever as recent algorithmic advancements have made the techniques increasingly accurate and versatile. Collaborate with WCHRI’s data scientist to plan and implement state-of-the-art machine learning experiments. If you are unsure if your data is appropriate for a machine learning experiment we offer free of charge consultations.

Services available:

  • Prepare your REDCap data for processing
  • Visualize and report on REDCap data with Data Science Studio
  • Plan and implement classification experiments
  • Deep learning experiments with GPUs. We bring the hardware, you bring the data.
  • Perform exploratory analysis and data mining
  • Automate and monitor data tasks

Additional information:

To request machine learning support complete the research support request form. If you are not sure about the details yet feel free to email Graham Erickson directly at to initiate a collaboration.