Leaders in Research

Be inspired by research excellence

The Leaders in Research Seminar Series highlights research leaders who are focusing their passion and curiosity on creating a healthier future for women and children through research excellence.

WCHRI’s established and rising stars, as well as other nationally and globally-renowned researchers,  will share their innovative research programs, outcomes and impacts.

Occurring approximately every six weeks, this series features research excellence and inspiration. Regardless of topic area, this series will challenge and impress our members with the excitement and innovation that underlies excellence in scientific research.

Next session
March 19

CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Andrew Mackie: Perseverance and potholes: The bumpy road of a clinician investigator


previous sessions
January 21

Shokrollah Elahi: Newborns’ first-time enemies but long-life friends: Immunity discoveries from the early stages of life

November 26

Michael Hawkes: Hot topics in the tropics: Ebola, malaria and pneumonia

September 24

Kate Storey: Thinking inside the box: how a drive to understand health promotion shaped my research and is improving child health

June 19

Lynne Postovit: Finding the cure: How big ideas, unconventional models and strong research communities are driving change in ovarian and breast cancer

May 23 Lonnie Zwaigenbaum: Adventures in ‘Baby-sibs-ing': How a crazy idea to help community physicians catch the first signs of autism led to a new field of research, and personal growth (and angst) along the way…
April 9 Amit Bhavsar: Thinking big and humility—pondering their duality is a great distraction when picking yourself up and dusting yourself off
February 28 Sandra Davidge: It started with a question and a passion...Sandra Davidge's visionary research within cardiovascular maternal health and the lessons she's learned along the way

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