WCHRI Grants electronic submission portal

Welcome to the WCHRI electronic submission portal!

This portal is offered to applicants to facilitate application submission for WCHRI competitive funding programs. WCHRI will no longer accept hardcopy (paper) applications for funding opportunities supported through this portal.

What you need to apply

  • Membership must be completed prior to application for all applicants and their (primary) supervisor. Refer to WCHRI membership for in-training and academic member requirements.
  • A scanned (searchable) PDF copy of the complete, signed application with all additional pages/supporting documents collated behind the application form.
  • All applicants must be compliant with award program guidelines and eligibility.

How to submit your application

  • Click on the link (below) to access the WCHRI electronic submission portal.
  • Complete the information requested.
  • Upload your (searchable) PDF application.
  • Submit your application by clicking on/selecting “Submit”.

Complete your submission

You must formally “Submit” your application to WCHRI by the deadline. Application material that has been drafted and saved (by selecting “Save and Return Later”) but not submitted will not be forwarded to committee for consideration. 
Once you have submitted your application you will be offered the opportunity to download a copy of the application details you provide in the electronic submission portal.  

System maintenance

The application portal will be closed for system maintenance for a period of 24 hours following the application deadline. Application details previously saved for ongoing application calls will remain within the system and will be unaffected during system maintenance. 

Supporting information


For further information

Contact WCHRI grants administration at wcgrants@ualberta.ca.