Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Election to a Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is one of the highest honours in the Canadian health sciences community. Individuals are chosen based on their substantial accomplishments in health sciences and ability to demonstrate leadership, distinctive competencies, creativity and commitment to developing and advancing academic health science.

Congratulations to the following WCHRI members who received this fellowship:

  • Greta G. Cummings
  • Sandra Davidge
  • Jason Dyck
  • Marek Michalak
  • David Olson
  • Christopher Power
  • Richard Rachubinski
  • Kim Raine
  • Sunita Vohra
  • Lori J. West
  • Lonnie Zwaigenbaum
  • Sangita Sharma
updated September 2019

Did we miss anyone? Please contact WCHRI communications if you know of a member who should be included.