WCHRI is excited to introduce a new seminar series focused on one of the University of Alberta’s signature areas… precision health research!

What is precision health research? What does it mean for the health of women and children? Join us as we embark on an exploratory journey to learn about precision health research that is happening right here at WCHRI. We’ll learn together by telling stories about precision health clinical research, by hearing about innovative discoveries and techniques in the lab, and by exploring ethical and social considerations related to precision health that are important to women, children and their families.

DateSpeakerTopicZoom replay
September 26, 2023Daniel Moreno De Luca, a CASA Research ChairGenomic psychiatry: Implementing precision medicine for autism and developmental disorders 
May 26, 2022Norbert Graf, Professor of Pediatrics, Saarland UniversityZoom Replay: Bridging the gap between basic science and clinical oncology 
November 30, 2021Michael ChuAlberta cellular and immunotherapy 001—Locally produced CAR T-cells in leukemia and lymphomaUnavailable
October 13, 2021Anne HicksThe Children’s Health Environment Clinic: environment and precision health Unavailable
September 22, 2021Gary CuttingMedical genetics and the functional interpretation of DNA variants—Lessons from cystic fibrosisWatch now
May 26, 2021Piush MandhaneLeveraging the CHILD study to examine child healthWatch now
April 21, 2021Oana CaluseriuThe Translational Genomics HubWatch now
March 24, 2021Bo (Cloud) CaoPrecision mental health through computational psychiatryUnavailable
January 27, 2021Peter KannuThe power of precision health research for women, children, and familiesWatch now

Do you have a future topic or speaker suggestion for the WCHRI precision health research seminar series? Let us know!

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