Scientific Knowledge Exchange Program (SKEP)

Broaden your scientific knowledge.

The Scientific Knowledge and Exchange Program (SKEP) provides grant support for the following:

1. Visiting lecturers to the University of Alberta (maximum of $1,000)

  • The lecture must be a formal, open presentation.
  • The lecture must be open to WCHRI members and WCHRI trainees must be provided an opportunity to meet with the visiting lecturer.
  • WCHRI members not residing in Edmonton are not eligible to be funded as visiting lecturers.

2. Local conferences, symposia and workshops hosted by WCHRI members (maximum of $2,000)

  • The event must be local (ideally on campus, the Stollery Children’s Hospital or the Royal Alexandra Hospital.)
  • The event must be open to WCHRI members.

Additional requirements:

  • SKEP funding is reserved for events that will be of general interest to WCHRI members.
  • Invitations to attend WCHRI-supported events are expected to be well communicated to WCHRI members.
  • The event must relate to women and/or children's health and be relevant to WCHRI.


 Applications must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event start date. 


  • All WCHRI academic members are invited to apply.
  • Awardees may hold these funds once per grant type, once per year, but not for the same or similar event.

Application information

For further information

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