Patient and Community Engagement Training

Engage patients and the community with your research

The Patient and Community Engagement Training (PaCET) program aims to increase trainee capacity in participatory research focused on women and/or children’s health. Participatory research is a broad-based approach that involves patients, clinicians, community groups, government and/or non-government organizations (NGOs) as engaged partners in collaborative research studies that affect them and in which they have a stake. Awards of up to $1,000 per month are available for a maximum of eight months (September to April). This program focuses on building a trainee cohort with similar or aligned interests and/or learning goals in community-based participatory research and is offered as a benefit of membership.


  • All applicants must be actively working on the proposed research.
  • The applicant must be registered in a full-time, graduate studies program or employed as a postdoctoral fellow (PDF) at the University of Alberta in a health-related discipline at the time of application.
  • The proposed project must be the applicant’s graduate or PDF research project.
  • Projects must be supervised by a WCHRI academic member.
  • Supervisors may put forward only one applicant per year.
The applicant must be a trainee in a research program/project directly relevant to women and/or children’s health that aims to engage patient/stakeholder/community at the mid-high level of engagement (collaboration; partnership; empowerment). The applicant must have on-going, project-specific supervision provided by an academic WCHRI member, preferably with experience engaging non-academic stakeholders in research. 

 All applicants must be able to attend monthly cohort training meetings.


The 2020 program closes May 8, 2020.

Summary of changes

Changes to this funding opportunity include:

  • All applications must be submitted to WCHRI through the program portal. Refer to submission information below.
  • Letters of reference must be uploaded by the referee to the WCHRI 2020 letters of reference portal.

Application information

How to submit your application

  • Complete the information requested in the portal.
  • Upload your (searchable) PDF application.
  • Submit your application by clicking on/selecting “Submit”.
  • Download a copy of the application details.

Complete your submission

You must formally “submit” your application to WCHRI by the deadline. Application material that has been drafted and saved but not submitted will not be forwarded to the committee for consideration. Once you have submitted your application you will be offered the opportunity to download a copy of the application details you provide in the electronic submission portal.

Supporting information

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For further information

Contact Tatjana Alvadj, research coordinator, at or WCHRI grants administration at