Clinical/Community Research Integration Support Program (CRISP)

Facilitate excellence within an integrated hospital environment

The Clinical/Community Research Integration Support Program (CRISP) funds collaborative clinical and/or community research that has the potential to improve health outcomes and/or influence clinical practice at the point of care for women and/or children.

Funding requests may be up to $20,000 (total) spent over a period of support of three years.


  • Enhance research excellence and capacity in investigator-initiated clinical/community research studies.
  • Support the development of evidence-informed practice to improve health outcomes for women and/or children.


Department of Pediatrics applicants must contact Dr. Gary Lopaschuk, Associate chair, research, no later than July 13, 2018.
The 2018 competition closes September 17, 2018 at 4 p.m. Submit applications to 5-083 ECHA no later than 4 p.m. Late applications will not be accepted.


All applications to WCHRI must align with our relevance criteria in order to be eligible for funding. Eligibility is restricted to projects that require human subjects (HREB) ethical approval.

Criteria for the CRISP Grant:

  • The research project directly interacts with patient and/or community populations and engages a stakeholder and/or community partner for the duration of the project (i.e. beginning to end);
  • Principal investigators must be academic members of WCHRI;
  • Principal investigators must be eligible to hold research funds according to the UAPPOL policy.
  • A research mentor is required as part of the team if the PI has less than 40% protected research time.
  • All research team members must hold a full-time continuing appointment with their organizational affiliation and/or be WCHRI academic members.
  • Successful applicants may not apply again for two years from the date of implementation of the previous award.

Application information

All applicants are encouraged to contact WCHRI for assistance developing their project and application. You can contact us through the Research Platforms links. Several templates are included below to help you with your application.

Competition results

Results from the 2018 CRISP competition will be posted in December 2018. Take a look at the 2017/18 CRISP Program Awardee Listing or view past grant awards and statistics.

For further information

Contact WCHRI grants administration at