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Upcoming event August 4

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Featured Stories

Infant boy eating
July 13, 2021

Species of gut bacteria linked to enhanced cognition and language skills in infant boys

Alberta study offers compelling new evidence pointing to the importance of gut bacteria for neurodevelopment.
Featuring Piush Mandhane, Anita Kozyrskyj, Read more
Toshifumi Yokota
June 30, 2021

Online resource will speed up development of new approach to treating genetic diseases

U of A research team leads international effort to advance exon-skipping therapy with the help of their machine-learning-based eSkip-Finder tool and database.
Featuring Toshifumi Yokota, Read more
June 30, 2021

Empowering women with mental health support

Dawn Kingston, Sue Ross and Nese Yuksel are conducting life-changing mental health research that impacts women of all ages, from adolescence to beyond menopause.
Featuring Dawn E Kingston, Nese Yuksel, Sue Ross, Read more

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