WCHRI In Brief

  •  WCHRI is a partnership between the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, with the generous support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. 
  •  Our academic membership is comprised of approximately 340 leading researchers, clinician-scientists, academics, health care professionals and service providers. 
  •  Research focused on women and children’s health can lead to prevention and reduction of long-term health complications.
  •  The best hospitals with the best care are the ones who invest in discovery.  These are the innovators and leaders, shaping our health system for the future.
  •  Health and research needs for women and children are unique.
  •  Many disorders of both women and children affect multiple organ systems and require complex care and collaborative research. The researchers and clinicians of WCHRI are focusing on more effective ways to improve the care and health of these patients. 
  •  Research leading to healthier children creates a positive cycle of human development that includes pregnancy, birth, growth and development through childhood and adolescence to adulthood.